JANUARY 5, 2008

by Kelly

Back in April of 2007, you may remember Ham and I visited a fantasmagorical flea market called Thrifty Treasures. If you recall (or if you check that link), at that time Thrifty Treasures was rife with heaps of... stuff. And I use the term "heaps" loosely - it was more like mountains. It was the Appalachia Of Junk. In January of this year I got the itch to go back, and I soon found out why. Thrifty Treasures was going out of business! The unintentionally rude (don't get me started) owner was in the process of selling everything he had to an auctioneer, he told us. We stumbled into one of the last days they were in business. There were still piles of junk everywhere - so much so that it was actually physically dangerous to walk around in there. It was great!

The first thing I stumbled into (quite literally) was this awesome piece of stitchery:

It depicts what is apparently Snoopy, brown and in his "Red Baron" phase, sitting amongst the flowers in what must be a high wind, judging by his gravity-defying scarf and the bone hovering overhead. And we thought Charles Schulz was dead!

One of the many impressive mountains of junk. I have numbered the more interesting and identifiable items in the heap for your viewing pleasure...

1. 19th century portrait with broken frame
2. Window shutter
3. 1940s? suitcase
4. Record stand
5. Hand-basket
6. Book
7. Santa suit
8. Dish-drying rack filled with Christmas greenery
9. Clothes basket filled with Christmas tree stand in its box
10. Tote including doll parts, box of Dixie Cups and, possibly, a fan

This next picture I swear to god on a stack of Bibles I did not set up. I totally found it this way (ok, I might have turned the bear around a teensy bit for artistic purposes)! And it rules everything in the entire universe. The entire freaking universe!


Just look at that picture! This is a work of art never to be seen again! I like the juxtaposition of the Pooh jelly glass against the whole stack on top of the novel and what it says about literature, and life, in general. I think this scene is about growing up. The circle of life. It speaks to me, as a woman on the verge. Wegmans Golden Sweet Corn is definitely "food I feel good about!" Wicked pissah!

More "art" to add to our collection:


I am still too moved by Pooh Corn Bear On Book to speak to the beauty of this piece. I need more time to reflect. To speak of this piece right now would be unfair to it and to the obviously talented artist.

Yes, we found both of these pieces so moving that we could not stay. We bought a few daft items and started to make our way out of Thrifty Treasures for the final time. This item was in the hallway begging to be photographed. It too, rules All Things.

I shall leave you now in silence with a few pictures to remember Thrifty Treasures by. These were taken next to the exit/entrance (the same heap from 3 different angles) and will forever represent Thrifty Treasures to me:

(that should say "inedible" canister - not that it makes any more sense that way - but I did type it wrong on the picture)


R.I.P. Thrifty Treasures Flea Market
Sometime Before 04/07/2007 - 01/05/2008
(as far as we know)

(Posted 04/2008)