APRIL 7, 2007


by Kelly

What do Ham and I love more than a good flea market? An absurd flea market, of course! We had been to this one once before, in the pre-Project Absurd era. At that time what we found was, simply put, piles and piles of junk. There were no discernable areas for individual sellers, as you'd find in a more reputable flea market. It was just a warehouse with heaps and heaps of stuff in it. A junk collector's wildest dream. The ceiling was, in fact, leaking sewage into the building, ruining more than a fair share of records, books and other merchandise. It was an asthmatic's nightmare and a bacteria's dream in this building on that not-so-long ago day. We assumed it would be closing soon.

And perhaps it did for awhile. Fast forward to a Saturday in early April of 2007 when Ham and I found reference to this flea market online. We decided to check it out to see if anything had changed - for the better or worse - since our last visit...

This sign greeted us on our way into the building. Was this a garage sale or a flea market? The face with the red-headed 'stache was a nice touch. Once inside the building we found this pile in the hallway:

The white specks on the photo are actual April snowflakes that were blowing in from the open door to the right. And yes, you're looking at a dog house.


You have to wonder what happened to poor Jack. The dog house is cute. Too bad it's filled with garbage. Turning around, we were pointed in the right direction:


Where we ran into (not literally, but almost) these awesomely horrid couches:

That pic was taken from the perspective of leaving the flea market, they are actually on the left wall coming in. And they were more severely seventies-orange than they appear here. But you get the idea.

When we got inside the Thrifty Treasures Flea Market, we immediately noticed this record:

Little did we know what a daft find this was! This website has named Lou Monte one of its  "Top Ten Worst Ambassadors of Italian Culture Via Song"!!! They go on to say,

"...innovation is no defense for what is a truly remarkably bad song, somehow simultaneously dull and annoying and rage-inducing, a Jamster ringtone 40 years before there was any “practical” application for them..."

Here are some sample lyrics:

The other night I called my girl I asked her could we meet,
I said lets go to my house we could have a bite to eat,
And as we walked in through the door she screamed at what she saw,
There was little Pepino doin the cha cha on the floor.

I so wish we had bought this now! In the interest of fair-and-balanced reporting, here is the official website for Lou Monte: Lou

When we finally looked up from the mesmerizing Pepino, we found that nothing much had changed since we last visited:

And don't let the sun shining in through the windows fool you. Remember how I said it was snowing? The air temperature inside the building was roughly 32 degrees - same as the outside temperature. We had no gloves on. Silly us, thinking this place would be heated! We decided to suffer on, as this was too fun to pass up. Here's another example of the multitude of junk-heaps in this place:

A headless...something...for your possible purchasing pleasure:

Neon needlepoint geisha, anyone?


Another needlepoint nightmare:

More crap:

In some areas it was hard to even walk around, it was piled so high. And what's this?

The Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock? Alas, no - when I asked it an important question about life, it offered me no assistance at all. I guess it was just a regular trash heap. I did find this lying on top of the garbage can on the left:

Any old-schoolers remember those things? I know old computers read information off of them, but I can't for the life of me remember what they're called. Anyone...anyone...Bueller...?

I am going to be very careful about what I say about this next piece of art we found. Upon researching this at home I have found that Rose Masterpol is a fairly accomplished artist now living and working in Los Angeles. Her work now is quite beautiful. I found this early work of hers lying thrown about on the floor at Thrifty Treasures. I'm sure it's the same artist, as the Rose Masterpol I linked is originally from this town. I took a picture of this painting mostly due to its audacious use of color and utterly 80s sensibility. Now I'm wondering if we should have bought it...

Should I email her and tell her it's out here? Maybe it's a piece she's long forgotten. Well, perhaps she'll google herself and find it someday.

*UPDATE* - Well, that didn't take long! Rose Masterpol found us and left a wonderful message. View it by clicking the "Leave A Comment" link at the bottom of the page! We did go back and buy this painting after receiving her message. Now we just have to decide what to do with it...

I don't know why I took a picture of this. I guess because it's some combination of cute and absurd:

Our last find was another record, "Good Manners Through Music":

The back included some lyrics, but naturally the picture didn't turn out. Here are some sample song titles: "My Funny Chocolate Cookie," "Freddie and Eddie" (sounds kinky!), "Shake Your Toys" (kinky again!), and "Guess Who." I can't find any information about this record on the internet. Another Project Absurd first!

At this point in our adventure in the frozen tundra I could no longer feel my fingers. We bought some things, but exactly what I will not reveal so as not to give away our identities should a Thrify Treasures proprietor happen upon this website. During our visit we heard much talk about cleaning the place out and getting it organized once the weather is warmer. This is great news. And the ceiling was no longer leaking. We will visit again in the near future to bring you the latest!

(Posted 04/2007)