by Kelly

Ah, upstate NY in the fall - apples, cider, colorful foliage, a chill in the air... and a disproportionate number of festivals in honor of gourds! Today we celebrate two Pumpkinfests in two cities in two different years. 

Throught this post you will see I have covered the faces of The Innocent with Candy Corn. I hope you enjoy this subtle seasonal detail. The first Pumpkinfest we'll cover belongs to Cortland, NY in 2006. There are many great things about Cortland's Pumpkinfest, but nothing is more breathtakingly autumnal than The Orange Fountain!

And then there is the "Guess The Weight of the Giant Pumpkin" contest. Always a crowd-pleaser.

In one tent we found these pumpkins creatively painted by children. I enjoyed Chicken Little myself.


This guy was in a corner overseeing the festivities.


Comical hats are always a "plus."

This year we made it to the Great Pumpkin Festival in Oswego, NY. I guess much like Linus, they celebrate The Great Pumpkin up there.

The Pumpkin Festival did not just have a clever name. There were indeed plenty of pumpkins.

There was even a band to keep things "rocking."


Ham really enjoyed this Giant Pumpkin Thing where they apparently sold Apple Dumplings. Looks like the kid on the ground really wanted some apple dumplings! Damn!


They even had some kiddie rides at the Festival of Gourds, including an obvious choice, Dizzy Dragons. Dizzy Dragons just screams "Autumn Harvest", no?

Dizzy Dragons also, obviously, had an alligator. Named Ali-Gator, of course.

YES!!! A Corn Maze!

The water bottle on the ground was a wonderful added touch. The corn maze was HUGE. it covered roughly 50 whole square feet. Whew! Wouldn't want to get lost in there!

I kid, I kid. Calm down. Jump in The Inflatable Experience. It's a Bouncy Castle thing. I don't have a picture of it, but here are the rules!

Remember, no unevenly matched players (read: no fat kids vs. skinny kids) and no sharp objects in The Inflatable Experience. Hmmm... I just can't figure out the reason for THAT rule. BUT, you may experience a Spongy Surface. Shouldn't it be called Spongy Surface Experience, then?

Oswego also included Large Gourds, but they weren't cruel here - they tell you how much they weigh. This one was a whopping 938.5 pounds. Woot!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of two authentic central upstate NY Pumpkinfests. I shall leave you with this.

(Posted 10/19/2008)