SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

by Kelly

This isn't so much funny as it is just strange. We were driving up Route 11 in Central Square, NY a few weeks ago when we saw It. An abandoned strip mall that looked as if a bomb was dropped in the center of it. Of course, we had to investigate.

Mind you, we're not stupid. Or into trespassing. So most of these photos were taken from the safety of our car. The only time one of us got out of the car was when Ham peeked into an already open door to take a few photos. None of this abuse or carnage was done by us. We're only documenting it for Posterity. Whoever she is.

As you can see in the above photo, something is seriously amiss with the center of the building. There was nothing blocking the parking lot entrance, so we drove in for a closer view.


Yep...there's no roof to speak of in this section of the building. What the hell happened? My first guess would be snow, since we're talking about The Snow Capitol of the United States. But this looks almost too perfect a decimation to be from snow. And there's no roofing material on the ground in there (that we could see from the car). And how could snow knock the front off a building?

You are looking at insulation hanging bare from the former ceiling. And several items that used to belong in a department store, such as clothing racks and hangers. Speaking of hanging, we weren't hanging out in there, but somebody sure has been judging by the graffiti that abounds. But we'll get to that. First, another angle on this area:

The right side of this section didn't have as much stuff in it, but it was just as destroyed. Well, someone put up some pretty plywood, it seems. Why??? I'm surprised it doesn't have graffiti on it yet.


Not to beat a dead shopping center, but I just couldn't get over this section:


Just to the left of this section as you face the plaza, some lovely artwork graces the outside wall:

Purple square inserted by me to not violate the terms of this hosting site. I also blocked out the phone number in any photos that showed the leasing sign.

Just beyond the graffiti, under an old liquor store sign, we found this:

What? You can't read it and you want a closer look? Ask and ye shall receive.

"EAT SH.T & DIE BITHS".................................

Is "BITHS" supposed to be "BITCHES"?  Oh dear.

We were surprised to learn Full House's own Danny Tanner is one of the landlords of this building!

Toward the end of the building was an old flea market.

This is where we saw a door propped open:

Just inside the door were some old flyers still taped to a door.


Turning around from the flyers you would see this:

Note the empty beer bottle. At this point Ham took one last inside photo. It was taken through the window on the right of the photo above. Keep in mind that it was PITCH BLACK in that window with no outside light getting in. I was sort of afraid of what I might find, but I did manage to lighten up the photo. Here's what he got:

Not much, but definitely creepy. Even at full size I can't figure out that squiggle of light in the back of the picture. Crazy.

Back in the car, we found the following sign around the left side of the building. Dammit, I so wanted to go fishing here!

So we decided to leave. But not before taking a picture of the street sign for the shopping center:

Is it that space between the "C" and the "E" that's for rent ent? Cause I'd ent that before I'd ent this buidling!

On our way out, our last bright idea was to take a chance and see what was around the right side of the building.

That's when we knew for sure it was time to leave. We're not down with that AT ALL. Please, somebody put another load of white paint on this wall! 

(Posted 09/2007)